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Have always the development of your keywords and rankings with the keyword monitoring tool in view. Find out your prospects keywords, your new & lost keywords and other important information about your rankings. Each keywords per country is counted only once.

Monitoring competition

Monitor your competition and find out where they rank for which keywords. So have always competitors before and behind you in mind. To monitor your competitors, use the same keywords or add more.

Everything at a glance

The most important data presented clearly, in our dashboard. Your projects and keywords always at a glance. Your rankings for your keywords are shown graphically summarized in a bar chart. From here you can access more options.

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Early Pig Phase with 20% discount started

The early bird catch the worm and your piggy bank is happy for the next 5 month because you get a discount of 20% on the montly price. So, the early bird can be happy to catch the worm, your piggy bank is longer happy and can themselves go like hell good. From now on

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Winner and Losers and keyword Trends

Identify Keyword Trends

Identify Winners and losers keywords There is often the need to have a quick overview on the positive changes of keywords including their ranking and see the developement of them as well as the current ranking. This is especially important for those keywords, which you are optimizing your project for. Thus, the positive optimization measures

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On the keywords it comes to

On the keywords it comes to It is often optimized for keywords that get through traffic and are relevant, it is, however, very often forget that with increasing strength of competitors it is increasingly difficult to let rank your website higher for those keywords. Therefore, it is important to use other potential keywords, the so-called

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Keyword Research with the tool from Red Cookie

Keyword Research with the tool from Red Cookie With the keyword research tool from Red Cookie you can now easily make your keyword research. A keyword research should help you to find alternative keywords which fit to your topic and for your website. These different keywords you can use to optimize your page. This will boost

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Facebook wants your data. Protection is needed

Facebook wants your data. Protection is needed Facebook has again changed its business conditions to today (30/01/2015), and sets this time the gun on the users breast! Either you log in and accept the terms and conditions or you delete your account for ever. So you have to decide either you can spied out completely

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SEO Keyword Monitor tool from Red Cookie

SEO Keyword Monitor from Red Cookie The SEO keyword monitor from Red Cookie gives you the opportunity to monitor your keywords. It is important to know on which position your keywords are ranking because you want to improve the ranking of your website for some keywords to bring some visitors to your website. To be able

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Daily keyword monitoring and research tool